Our cousine is based on a few simple ingredients
Quality of the raw material: we don’t WANT to surprise you with dishes with daring combinations but tease you with true recognizable flavors even if presented in an unusual way;

A bit of imagination: without which we could have never given life to “Le Nuvole” and which makes some proposals curious and intriguing;

A high respert for Tradition: to whom we own to the history of our cousine;

Much love: all you need to do everything home-made : bread , pasta , sweets;

Menus change more than once a season, based on the freshness of the ingredients and the chef’s imagination.

Paolo – the chef – and I , wanted to create a place where each of you can find the certainty of eating only good things chosen with care and with a little of pedantry; find that welcome that makes the restaurant your favorite place; where we choose the wine because we like it and we think that will appeal to you too.

We believe that the quality of the food , the selection of the ingredients and the presentation of the dishes can get along with the simplicity of the restaurant and the genuine hospitality.